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The present Acharya [Srimad Abhinava vAgeesha ParakAla mahAdesikan] however, is working actively to ensure a stable future for the Matham. The Acharya has expressed his sincere desire to work with the entire Srivaishnava community, and continue ancient traditions of Vedic studies, Lakshmi-Hayagreeva worship and vidwat sadas in the Matham. In addition, HH wishes to spread Srivaishnavism through discourses, evening classes, and the reprinting of valuable works by prior AchAryas of ParakAla Matham. Ongoing projects include the running and upgrading of two educational institutions under the auspices of the Matham, and the renovation of the main Matham complex at Mysore and the various sannidhis all over India. These projects have been described in detail in the links provided below. This is an appeal to all philanthropic-minded Srivaishnavas to come forward and extend much needed financial support towards Parakala Matham, in the wake of its present-day challenges. Not only will you be helping this ancient institution at a difficult time, but you will (more importantly) help to keep alive the legacy of our greatest scholar-saint, Swami Desikan by supporting the very institution that he founded, and where he left his dearest possession - the vigraham of Sri. LakshmiHayagreeva which is the embodiment of all knowledge.


Project Name:

Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Arts College at Mysore



Project History


Project Needs and cost

For more details of the project, current status and photos, see Mysore College page.


To see how to contribute to the Mysore College project, click here.


Project Name:

Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Preuniversity Arts College at Melukote


Melukote (Thirunarayanapuram), Karnataka


Project History:

HH Sri Parakala Swamy has acquired some years ago a nearly functionally depleted Preuniversity Arts college in Melukote (Thirunarayanapuram) in order to provide continuing education to the youth coming from the town and surrounding area. The College has been renamed "Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Arts College". It is currently operating as a Karnataka Government Grant-in-Aid  College, with supplementary funds provided by Sri Parakala Matham, Mysore. The classes are being conducted in dilapidated rooms that are a part of the Old Matham building at Melukote. The college currently has more than 200 students and they are being provided mid day meals, and education free of cost to them. The funds for these purposes are coming from the corpus fund of Sri Parakala Matham. There is an IMMEDIATE need for the construction of a building to house the college. HH's future vision for this College is to Stabilize free food/board/education operations via bolstering of the corpus funds and Extend the curricula to include Sanskrit and Veda PathaShala to the students.  For more details of the project, current status and photos, see Melukote College page.


Project Needs and Costs:

The current cost for providing the above free services to 200 students is about Rs. 2000/day (Rs. 750000/yearly). In US Dollar terms, this kaimkaryam equates to raising about $20000/year.

 The total Cost of the building is estimated at about Rs. 90 lakh ($200,000).  With the generous contributions made by a few donors so far, the construction of the first floor of the planned two-storey building has just commenced.  Generous contributions are urgently needed to continue the building project to completion.


To see how to contribute to the Melukote College project, please click here.


Project Name

Renovation of Parakala Matham Main Complex at Mysore


Mysore, Karnataka


The Parakala Matham at Mysore is a historic institution.  The 700+year old Matham was relocated to Mysore during the last part of the 19th century when the capital of the then Mysore state was relocated to Mysore from Srirangapattanam by the Wadayar king family.  It enjoyed the patronage of the Mysore Royal family for more than one and half centuries. After the rule of kings came to an end, the Matham gradually lost its resources and support over the years.  One major result was the neglect of the upkeep of the Matham building at Mysore.  The Matham building is in a bad shape now with leaking roof and substandard living quarters for the Matham staff.    See some of the photos of the present state of the building and living quarters by clicking here. There is no question that the building and the surroundings are in immediate need of major renovation. 


Project Needs and costs.

It is proposed that the building is to be substantially renovated by improving the roof, the main hall, the sannidhi, the kitchen and the living quarters of the Acharya. Also it is proposed to build a modern goshala (Cow shed), tulasi and flower gardens, and improve the sanitary facilities.  The Acharya has also proposed to build a block of 20 living quarters for the resident staff of the Matham including the archakas, the cook and helpers, watchman, etc, and a few guest rooms for visitors to the Matham. The Acharya feels that the living quarters for the staff are an absolute necessity if the Matham has to attract and retain qualified and dedicated personnel to work at the Matham. The project is in the planning stage at present and the estimated cost is about 5 crores (US $1 million).


To see how to contribute to the Mysore Matham  project, please click here


Project Name:

Renovation of Sri Parakala Matham Branches


Tooppul (Kaneeivaram)

Prayag (Triveni Sangam), Varanasi
Azhwar Tirunagari, Tamil Nadu


Project History:

Of the above The ancient Parakala Matham located right opposite Swamy Desikan’s birth place and home at Tooppal near the historic temple city of Kanjeevaram In Tamilnadu, is now in shambles.  The Matham building is badly deteriorated and is to be rebuilt basically from scratch.  HH’s fondest desire and a top priority is to revive this structure, since Parakala Matham is Swamy Desikan’s “very own” Matham. 

   The other three Matham branches are also in need of repairs and renovation. The roofs and Rajagopurams of these mat hams have either come down or they are on the verge of falling off.


Project Features and Costs:

Tooppul project:  Rebuilding of the Matham, the sannidhi, living quarters for staff, and a few rooms to accommodate the Acharya and shiShyas, and pilgrims coming to this area. Preliminary building plan and application for permit are under preparation.  Estimated cost: 1.5 crores (about US $300,000).


Prayag:  Leaking Roof and on the verge of falling off. Estimated to cost about Rs. 6,00,000/-

Azhwar Tirunagari: Rajagopuram has fallen off. Roof is badly leaking and there are no facilities for the Acharya and His shiShyas, or pilgrims to stay. Estimated to cost about Rs. 15,00,000/-

Srirangapattanam: Badly leaking roof and hazardous conditions due to its instability. Estimated to cost about Rs.10,00,000/- for repairs

Other Mutts outside Mysore: Estimated maintenance costs about Rs. 6,00,000/-


To see how to contribute to the Tooppul project, please click here.



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